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Acquatic Facility

The concepts by which this business is woven around are:


We have identified a huge demand for alternative fish products for the Ghanaian market and intend to feed the need for fish sausages within the West African sub region as well.

Acquatic has perfected the art of delivering mouth-watering nutritious sausages for the retail and export markets identified. The market response to the introduction of our product to the non-pork, and chicken sausage consumers, for either religious or health reasons find our product option an amazing preference.


Fish Sausages


Boneless Koobi

Bone in Koobi

Fresh Tilapia


Acquatic World Industries also seeks to provide a learning platform for the youth and women to attain income-generating skills in cultured fish farming.

We have set out to identify and incubate the youth into “aqua-prenuers” to fill in created gaps in the value chain for production. By so doing, we intend to create a solution for the youth in the provision of training and the setting up of production units with an assured market from Acquatic World.

We have developed a make-shift hatchery to feed incubated production units. In the business of farmed fish, the largest component of cost incurred is the feed requirements for desired growth levels. The cost of feed forms approximately 80% of total operational costs.  Acquatic will therefore arrange for the supply of the feed requirements of the “incubatee” production units to take care of that burden. Marketing the produce upon maturity is a huge challenge for most fish farmers, and to this end, Acquatic World will be the sole off-takers of the produce of the “incubatees” relieving them of that burden.

We intend to develop a plan to enhance and expand the incubation programme and deepen the social impact we will have on communities where the incubation is delivered.