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Acquatic  World Industries  seeks  to provide  fish  sausages, fresh  tilapia  to households, market  women, food vendors, restaurants, hotels, and schools. The company aims to reach these categories of customers within the Eastern, Central and the Greater Accra Regions.


The  business model  of  Acquatic World  Industries  spells it out;  which  is  “to minimize  the  deficiency in  the  production of  tilapia  and cat  fish  by being  intimately involved  in the  entire  value chain  of  the production  process;  from establishing  a hatchery,  maximizing feed  supplies,  a maturing  fish  pond (cage  cultured),  harvesting, as  well as  selling  and distribution  of  “fresh fish”  to  local and  international  markets”.


Mabel Quarshie

Production Director

She holds a B.Sc Admin (Econs and Management) from the University of Ghana, Legon and a  Master’s  Degree; MBA  (Global  Business &  Sustainability  Social Entrepreneurship Track) from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. She is a seasoned banker with over 20 years experience handling diverse roles within the banking sector. She is responsible for overseeing the production & operations roles of the business.


Finance  and Business Development

He completed  the  University  of Cape  Coast  and holds  a  B.Com (Hons)  Degree,  a member of  the  Institute of  Chartered  Accountants (Ghana)  and  holds a  Master’s Degree; EMBA (Project Management) from the University of Ghana. He is a professional trainer  and has  extensive  banking experience  over  the past  eleven  (11) years.  He  is responsible  for the  day-to-day  business development  roles  of the  business  and works closely with other staff to develop strategic plans and decisions for the business.


Farm Manager

Evans  completed the University  of  Cape Coast  and  holds a  BSc  degree in  Agriculture (Aquaculture   and  Fisheries   Management).   He  has   in   the  past   been   a  Hatchery Supervisor  for  Tropo Farms  and  a cage  culture  manager at  the  Akosombo Fisheries Research Centre. He  is  in charge of  managing  the science behind  the success  of  the hatchery and  the  maturing cages  for  the tilapia  farm  project as well as carry out administrative duties for the farm staff.


Aquaculture Expert/Consultant

Fred holds a BSc Fisheries & Aquatic Science from the University of Cape Coast Legon and  a  Master’s Degree;  MBA  (Global Business  &  Sustainability  Social Entrepreneurship Track)  from  the Catholic  University  of Milan,  Italy.  He has been a Manager with Tropo farms for the past 4 years. He has a passion for Fish Farming, Nature Conservation and a creative aptitude for success.  His expertise will be intensely tapped during the initial growth stages of the company.